High performance, compact design

This oil-fired space heater with chimney and a thermal output of 117 kW combines the user-friendliness of the larger HM range with the compact design of the HI range. It heats large spaces fast and efficiently. The chimney safely discharges exhaust fumes to the outside. The two heat settings adjust the temperature flexibly. Air hoses can be connected to concentrate heat where it is needed. The machine is very safe and easy to operate.
  • Flame control and overheat protection unit ensure a high degree of safety.
  • Ideal for continuous use: The operating time can be increased by connecting an additional external tank to the integrated one.
  • In very dusty environments, clean air from the outside can be fed into the burner via a connecting hose.
  • It can also be used purely as a ventilator without generating heat.
  • Lifting points and wheels make transport easy.
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